Resin Doll Gallery

A - G Doll Names

My First

This is my first attempt at a Dollfie. She was a limited edition of 3, and was unnamed.


Abby was offered in fair, sunkissed and coffee tan resin colours. Edition open. 


I hand cast some Annabella heads before I partnered with Jpopdolls to have her factory produced.
She was produced in fair as an Elf and human in editions of 50 each, light tan human in an edition of 80, blue in an edition of 3 and green was an edition of 2.
Edition closed. 


Coco is an elfin girl and stands about 13" tall. Edition open.


Essie was sculpted for my 25th anniversary of sculpting dolls.
She was named after my Grandmother whose name was Esme Ruby and we called her Nanna Essie.
Edition closed.


Gracie was named for Grace at, my partner and friend.
She has been offered in human and Elf versions and on MSD and SD (Tobi) body. Edition open.