Current News for IMANI in COFFEE TAN from Kaye
"A BIG THANK YOU to Dolls magazine. I just got word that Imani won a 2019 award of excellence."
Pre-ordered Imani is receiving her face up at the factory and it is hoped she will ship home by August 2019.

Sienna in Coffee Tan RESIN 
Limited edition of 50 on the MSD size body
Sienna is hoping to find her new family when she goes up for adoption in the Australian Winter (July/August 2019). 
The factory will copy my face up (shown below) for the sale dolls. 
This sample is not available for sale (Please do not ask).  

Latest NEWS FROM Kaye's sculpting room!
I'm hoping for a Springtime in Australia preorder release (September/October 2019) for my happy little cherub
LUCY LU on MeiMei MSD size body in fair resin seen below
(See sizes & colours on this LINK - CLICK). 


Chanelle in fair resin made her debut at the PNW BJD Expo 2019. 
15 full sets were available for purchase by attendees only while non-attendees had the chance to snap her up in a basic preorder in a choice of either the MSD MeiMei or MSD Abby body sizes. 
All in stock and preorders have finished. 


    Holly was in Kaye's private OOAK porcelain dolls collection for over 20 years and was never released to the public. 
    Holly makes her debut at BJDCTEXAS in 2019 in fair resin on the MSD MeiMei size body and is available to both non-attendees and attendees who are registered for BJDC. 
    The 20 full sets will be available for the first 20 attendees only to pay in full. The pre order link was provided at
    All instock and preorders are finished.