Sienna dolls are due to arrive home before Christmas 2018! 
At this time the factory states they will be completed by the end of November and once Kaye has checked them over they should be shipped to their new homes sometime early December 2018. 

If you made layaway payments please remember all final payments are due mid November 2018. 

The excitement is HUGE for what is coming up folks, stay tuned! 

Available Preorders at JPOPDOLLS 

Missy MSD Size Coffee Tan Edition
Please use this link below to order your very own gorgeous Missy in Coffee Tan: 
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Skin Tone: Coffee Tan
Height: 18" (46cm)
Eyes: 16mm
Head Circumference: 7-8" stretchy wig
Chest: 18.5cm
Waist: 15.5cm
Hips: 22cm
Foot (length): 5.7cm
Foot (width): 2.7cm

Head over to JPOPDOLLS for your Mini Missy in stunning sunkissed resin today before she's gone! 

Please use this link below for your mini Missy preorder:

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Mini Missy is 14 inches tall.

She takes 12mm glass eyes.

Mini Missy can wear most slim Yosd shoes 43mm to 45mm long.

Skin Tone: Sunkissed
Height: 14" (35cm)
Eyes: 12mm
Head Circumference: 6"
Chest: 14cm
Waist: 10.8cm
Hips: 15cm
Shoulder to waist (front): 7.5cm
Shoulder to waist (back): 7cm
Across shoulders (including arm balls): 7.3cm
Across shoulders (not including arm balls): 5.5cm
Arm length (to wrist): 10.5cm
Inside leg (to ankle): 15cm
Outside leg (waist to floor): 21cm
Foot (length): 4cm
Foot (width): 2cm