Mini Missy Elf in Sunkissed Resin

Preorder ends August 31, 2018.


Head over to JPOPDOLLS for your Mini Missy in stunning sunkissed resin today before she's gone!

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Mini Missy is 14 inches tall.

She takes 12mm glass eyes.

Mini Missy can wear most slim Yosd shoes 43mm to 45mm long.

Skin Tone: Sunkissed
Height: 14" (35cm)
Eyes: 12mm
Head Circumference: 6"
Chest: 14cm
Waist: 10.8m
Hips: 15cm
Shoulder to waist (front): 7.5cm
Shoulder to waist (back): 7cm
Across shoulders (including arm balls): 7.3cm
Across shoulders (not including arm balls): 5.5cm
Arm length (to wrist): 10.5cm
Inside leg (to ankle): 15cm
Outside leg (waist to floor): 21cm
Foot (length): 4cm
Foot (width): 2cm